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What are they talking about?

A friend of mine posted this in her Facebook, and I had to bring it here since is is really amazing.

Take a look at the conversation between these two twins:

So, what they are talking about?

New refrigerator technology?
World peace?
How to trick Mom and Dad?
or maybe just imitating grown-ups?

I can't say that I really know, but they seem to be getting to a good understanding between themselves.....

TuneIn Radio adds two more platforms to their mobile offer

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Many of the readers here probably still remember the review I've done some months ago about RadioTime and TuneIn Radio.

I have re-visited the TuneIn Radio website today to see what is new around there, and was surprised to see that they have added two additional mobile platforms: WP7 and BADA !


So from now on more people can enjoy their 40,000+ radio stations from around the world while on the roads. Just download the software from your platform's webstore, set yourself a user at, set there your preset stations, login with the same user in your mobile device, and enjoy the music.

I enjoy it in 3 ways:

Video of the Burgman Club Israel tour to Yatir Forest, Susiya and Lahav Forest

There are some really beautiful places in Israel, and I believe that I would not get to many of them if it wasn't for the Israel Burgman Club I am part of. Riding around the country is a great experience, and riding with friends make it even better.

This time we have been at Yatir Forest, Susiya and Lahav Forest. From all, I need to talk a little about Susiya, the first Hebrew cities found in this land, dating from the 3rd century AD. This archeological site shows a city actually near the size of Tel Mond, a town near where I live. It seems that many thousands of people lived there, and one can find there in the site the homes, the burial caves, and an enormous synagogue which seems to have been the center of a very rich community.

We left Tel Aviv with cloudy weather and a chance of rain, but as we proceeded South the weather became blue and beautiful, though very cold.

Here is the video of the trip:

This is it. I hope you have enjoyed. Another tour is bound to happen on March 30th. Stay tuned and I surely will have what to say.

Making good video calls without a front-facing camera

Sometimes the ideas are just there under our noses and we need a genious to see them there.

We are all aware of the quantity of video-calling applications for smartphones coming out lately: SIPDroid, Fring, Skype, Tango, Yahoo! Messenger, and probably the next version of Google Voice.

However, most of us are still with phones from the previous generation that don't have a front facing camera: iPhone 3GS, Google Nexus One, HTC Desire, and many others.

In this case, all this video-calling stuff is quite non-relevant, right?


Please meet the Vainworks Stand, a brilliant idea by Phil Farrand. Phil was kind of disappointed that he couldn't do video-calling without a front-facing camera, and decided to solve the problem. What he built was a stand made of mirrors at specific angles that turn the back camera into a front-facing one. Look at the video demoing the stand with Fring (note his own image with the orange shirt at the small picture):


Best of all, instead of paying some hundreds of dollars to upgrade your phone, you can pay $19.95 on this stand or $29.95 on a double package with two stands. Choose what you do, one for you and one for your wife, one for home and one for office, etc.

More info, videos and purchase at this link.

How NOT to use Powerpoint

Thanks to Tammy Goren who caught my attention with this movie on her Facebook post.

In 32 years of career in the IT industry, I have done a lot of presenting, and also seen a lot of presentations. What to say, if there is something we are very used to seeing is BAD presentations prepared by people who have never had any training in presentation skills.

Presentation is an art, and it takes time to learn. However, preparing a good presentation in Powerpoint is nowadays an important part of this art, and it can save or destroy a presentation.

Since learning how to do it can be a long study, a guy called Don McMillan, who is a former chip designer who managed to turn his career into a laughing subject, made a video that at least teaches, in a very interesting way, what NOT TO DO with Powerpoint.

Here is the video:


BTW, Don McMillan owns a website called Tecnically Funny, in which you will find a lot more of corporate funny stuff.

Upgrading my HTC Desire to Android 2.3 Gingerbread

OK, I have been already for 6 months with my HTC Desire, have upgraded it to FroYo, which left it approximately the same way it was previously with Eclair, and was already beginning to get bored.

What was left? Trying an upgrade to newly released Gingerbread.

The picture above already gives you an idea of the result......

My two main concerns:

1. Finding a ROM version that was reliable - since the Desire is my primary device,
2. Having Hebrew in the device at the end of the process - since without Hebrew using the device in Israel will be impossible, even though my calendar and phonebook are kept in English.

More after the break.

Android Users: now you can take our site with you

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OK, I admit: this site does not get updated every day.

The reason for that is simple, this is mostly an opinion & blog website, and I care to come here and update it only when I have something to say.

Considering this, I always try to provide tools that will facilitate receiving the site updates even when users don't come here everyday.

Well, this is the deal with our new functionality for Android Users:


We have published a new Android application which brings all the updates directly from the website. You can set this application to sync with the website automatically according to a schedule you choose, or to sync manually only. When syncing, all the updates on the site will be brought to the palm of your hand, and you will see them in the list you have in the left. Read items will have our icon in B&W, unread items will have it in color.

The hole in the wall

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This story follows the story published yesterday about good people willing to change the world by the availability of technology for the masses.

India is a place where 1 billion people live, actually 1 out of every 6 people in the planet. It is a place full of social and cultural differences, and 50% of its population cannot read. The poor population in the country has no access to computers or to the Internet.

One good man, a manager in a technology company, started a private project called "The hole in the wall", in which he installed computers in different local slums and encouraged the local children to try to use it.

It is beautiful to see the results of the project; children without any previous computer experience just "taught themselves" how to use it and found their way through the internet to the places that interested them.

Any additional words are a waste. Just watch the video:

I wish there were more people like this man and his Japanese friend from the previous post. If mankind was more dedicated to these projects and less to hate we would surely live in a much better world.

Converting Plastic back into Oil

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This video was found by a friend of mine, Diana, who published a link to it on Facebook. Thanks, Diana, couldn't be better.

In the crazy lives we live we do a lot of damage to the planet, and most of us don't even notice that. One of the biggest damages we have been doing during the last full century is the irresponsible use of oil, which is taken in quantities from our underground, refined, used, and left around as waste of variable forms: plastic, PVC, synthetic rubber, and all kinds of other things.

The developed world is just in the beginning of its learning on recycling, and until now most of the recycling technologies, though important, fail on achieving the objective of creating recycled products which can be important to our daily lives.

One of the important developments of these recycling technologies was a process invented in Israel that makes possible turning used tyres into asphalt. The first full road made of recycled asphalt from tyres has just been built near Haifa.

But I believe that what we see in this video is something that goes beyond all: a Japanese scientist managed to build a machine which through a simple process recycles plastic waste back into oil. From 1Kg of plastic waste we can obtain 1 liter of oil, and this can be used as is or processed into gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Consider that for every Kg of plastic burnt around the world we emit 3 liters of CO2, and we conclude it can also help very much cleaning our air.

Here is the video:

I hope this guy manage to create a commercial product out of this prototype, which can be built, sold for acceptable prices, and held in every home. I would be glad to reprocess all my plastic waste into gasoline and fill my tank with it. You don't need to be an environmentalist in order to love the idea...... specially when you consider the current gasoline prices.

How to call an autonomous cab in Berlin

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I've got the link to this video tonight and couldn't be more impressed. This looks like science fiction to me, but it seems to be working. Anyway, I don't know if it is a full service or just a beta test.

OK, people used to say that one day cars would travel by themselves, and here it is.

It seems it travelled very slowly in the video, so I don't know how advanced this whole thing is, but the simple fact that it managed to arrive to its destination in one piece is already an achievement.

What do you think?

The Czech T-Mobile campaign with Chuck Norris

Just found a series of 4 videos from the TV campaign that T-Mobile has created in the Czech Republic with the great help of the veteran actor Chuck Norris.

The story is simple: Chuck Norris enjoys a multi-generation popularity in the Czech Republic. His movies were the first signs of western culture there even before the end of the Cold War, when movies entered the country illegally. As well, after the opening of the country to the west, when TV series from the US became popular there, one of the most popular was "Walker: Texas Ranger". So his popularity goes from people that are today in their 60's and until those that are from the internet generation.

The ads put him visiting the Czech Repulic at a local family's home and trying to put up with the local costumes, not necessarily successfully. They are all in Czech, but it is fun to see it even like this.

BTW, "brusli" - and not Bruce Lee - is a Czech word meaning "ice skating" or something close to that.

The 4 videos are after the break.

Is this the car of the future?

I found this short video at Youtube yesterday, showing a half-car-half-scooter that could be considered "the car of the future". Meet the Carver:

Well, if you like it you will probably be disappointed to know that maybe the car of the future is a thing of the past; it seems that the Carver has been manufactured from 2007 to 2009 and abandoned after that. What a pity !!!

My Blackberry isn't working !!!

Lately Facebook has been a good source for finding good YouTube videos that would go unpercepted if we wouldn't get a link there for them.

One of the examples is this video which presents British humour at its best: the link was received on Facebook from Mike Waizman.

Eggs-Box, anyone?

Hope you enjoy.

The digital story of Christmas

 I've received this video clip in a mail, and felt I had to share it with my friends.

The idea behind the clip is: what would happen if all the story of Christmas would happen today? Well, if you are also curious about it, see the video, and pay attention because things happen fast there.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, everybody !!!

Full link between computer and Android Phone

I have recently received this information from a member of my Hebrew website and thought it would be nice to share it here as well.

Member of the site adunsky describes a way to create a link and transfer information OTA between a computer running the Chrome browser and an Android device. The whole functionality can be very interesting for people that are frequently busy moving information from one to the other.

So here it goes after the break.

Having my wallet everywhere I am

Well, having my wallet everywhere I am seems quite trivial when I am talking about my physical wallet - yes, that one that holds the bills - but it may not be so when I am talking about an electronic wallet that holds my passwords and personal data.

In the past, when I used my Windows Mobile device, I used to use eWallet from Ilium Software, a great wallet system which had a very good desktop companion and Windows Mobile Client for keeping the wallet updated everywhere. Every day I would connect my device to the PC and the wallets would sync.

Then I moved to Android, and all that Ilium could offer me in this platform was a viewer to my wallet, while all the editing was supposed to be done in the PC. Better than nothing, but not enough for me. I was out to find my new wallet software.

Luckilly, in the same days, SBSH announced their new Safewallet 2, and with it a version for Android to be released soon (meanwhile it has already been released). Knowing the quality of SBSH products, I decided I ought to try it. And so I did.

Only 8 years and what a change!

I am on my first day of my Q4 distribution trip to Latin America, on my way to Brazil.. A itusually happens, I spend many hours in the air on these trips, and around the same amounts waiting in airports in between.

Whoever follows me at Twitter or Facebook has surely seen my last tweet "Long waitings in airports make you think... and sleep.... and eat." - well, all of the three. Definitely. Not necessarilly in the same order.

The tweet above actually made me wander and get to the idea behind this article. Well, this year I am closing 8 years doing these trips (and others, since in the past I used to travel to Asia with the same frequency), and when I look back to the world I was in when I just began I can only say: "Gosh!!! Only 8 years and what a change!"

Radio from all the world at the palm of your hands

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One of these days I woke up with a strong desire to listen to good Brazilian music on my HTC Desire. Not something from the hundreds of titles I have on my Media Center, but good random radio programs. I was even thinking on a specific station from Rio de Janeiro.

Being already some months away from Windows Mobile and Spb Radio, I turned to the Android App. Market for help, and found a good number of options. Among them, I found, after trying some others, a free and highly rated application called "TuneIn Radio" by RadioTime. OK, this reminds me good times in the past, let's see it.

I can tell you at this point that this is the app. that stayed installed in my device. The details you can get after the break.

What motivates us?

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First of all, I would like to send a big thank you to my friend Andre Renato Ramos back there in Brazil who sent me this link through his facebook status. I really enjoyed seeing the 10 minutes movie that I am going to present here.

There are lots of changes in human behaviour during the latest years, specially in what regards money compensation and personal fulfillment. I believe this video piece gets to a quite good understanding of what is happening around, and everyone looking at it can understand a little much about himself and the processes he is going through while running his life.

My recommendation: see the video twice. In the first time, pay attention to the content, in the second pay special attention to the cartoons, which are by themselves a valuable work of art.

The Isle of Crete

One week and a half ago I took a time-out from all my activities here in Israel and went with my wife to a 5-day vacation in the Isle of Crete, Greece.

As we usually do, we decided to do all by ourselves. The flying tickets were withdrawn from my mileage at Continental, the hotel and the car rental from the Internet, and let me tell you, due to the end of the season proximity we could get very good deals there.

We decided to take a trip to know the place, the people, the views, so a bus group would really not fit the objectives. And I must say that at the end the option for the rental car and travelling by ourselves proved to be a great option.

Some details after the break.

Technology can also save your fingers

Though this is a little off-topic, I always like to see whenever human minds are dedicated to reduce the possibility of accidents in some regular tasks we do in our lives.

One good example is this video: around 60,000 accidents using table saws are registered in the US every year, with 3,000 people taking their fingers off every year. This guy has developped a technology to prevent that, and he is ready to use his own finger to test the technology.

See the video:

Amazing, isn't it?

ELEVEN! .... or when technology doesn't work

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Today I received from my brother an hillarious video.

It reminded me of the old days with Microsoft Voice Command for WM, and all those old phones and handsfree devices with Voice Tags, when I would proudly shout "Father!" and the phone would then answer to me "Mother" and call my mom.

Well, this is an area of technology where we haven't seen a breakthrough yet, and things remain quite close to how they were in the past. So what happens when they put this technology on some appliance a little more important than a phone? Let's say..... an elevator?

We are lucky they are still not trying with cars......

Two months and a half with Android, some opinions

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I am completing these days 2.5 months with the HTC Desire, my first ever Android phone.

As a part of the festivities, I have prepared some opinions to publish regarding things I have felt and used in the device. This article summarizes it all and is an exclusive for this website, since I have not written an Hebrew version for MobilityFreak.

So, here we go.

HTC's feast of news stories

HTC is quite quiet in the last days, but the blogosphere is boiling with news coming from the company, somehow..... maybe it justifies the slogan:

They stay quiet and the others make them brilliant..... what do you say?

Anyway, besides the announcement of the Desire HD and Desire Z from last week, there are a number of new stories about them from the last two days coming from different sources, and I am trying to put them all together here.

So, let's start from the beginning:


WP7 devices launch

Writing here from my Android phone

I am writing on this website for the first time from my Android phone, using Drupal Editor for this purpose.

Drupal Editor is a small application I have found at Appbrain which let's us post to the site using the XMLRPC API.

Not that I am intending to make use of this everyday, but it is always good to know that it is here, installed and ready for any need.Helio Diamant
(written from my mobile)

Helio Diamant
(written from my mobile)

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