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Hillarious video: And so you code

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One very nice viral campaign launched by Magic Software in its history is the following video launched yesterday by them.

The video is called "And so you code", a reference to all coding-based programming languages.

Here it is for your comfort:

Whoever is interested in passing it through to their fellow coders, can use this URL:

Upgrading my HTC Desire to Froyo 2.2

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Well, two weeks ago I decided that I was going to upgrade my HTC Desire to FroYo 2.2. That was after I understood that Google and HTC had already released the version for many unlocked/unbranded devices, but understood as well that this upgrade wouldn't get so fast to me, since I did not even know from which country my device was in its origin. So I decided to do it myself.

As everything that you do it for the first time, you are bound to make a mess out of it, and it brought me memories of my first upgrade to my i-mate 2020 when I almost bricked the device and it took me a day or two to get it back to work. This time wasn't meant to be different.

One smart thing I did....

....was to find a good teacher and have him ready to help in every step that I needed. I would like to thank the user shlomov from for the help, since I would never be able to complete the task without him.


So, when will we see a good XMLRPC Client for Android?

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I have been looking all around for a good blogging solution for an Android phone, and couldn't find a real one.

I had one or two limited solutions in Windows Mobile, which did not support Hebrew but could do something.

Here at Android, I can only find Drupal Power, which I couldn't get to work with successfully in two days of trying to change its settings, which are not complicated at all. It just doesn't work.

Well, I guess I can do it from the browser, though I have never tried. But it would be a good idea to have an offline client.

Someone interested in taking it forward?

Burgman Encounters 2010: A Trip Diary, photos and videos

What brings 43 men and women, between the ages of 40 and 65, to leave everything behind for 14 days and go out after one common objective: conquering the Alps and other areas on a Suzuki Burgman megascooter? Is it the riding challenge? The social objective? The need to find out that even at such advanced ages, with children and sometimes grandchildren at home, we can still do such interesting things?

This seems to be only a retoric question for all those that were involved on the Burgman Encounters 2010 European Tour, which took place between the 20th of July and the 3rd of August this year.

I am just returning from this event, and let me tell you, it is difficult to land back into your normal life after the experience we had there. I will try to describe here in the best possible way our journey during those 14 days.

Sorry for the absence, but I will soon be back

As you probably have noticed, things have not moved much around here in the last weeks.

I have been actually joining a lot of activities:

  • preparation of a group of 22 Burgmans from the Israel Burgman Club for a tour in Europe
  • creation of a new website for the Israel Burgman Club at
  • my own preparation to join the group in the European tour at July 20th.
  • finding a sponsor for the journalistic covering of the European tour.
  • watching the South African World Cup games (including the depression after seeing Brazil eliminated after a game they had to win if they just played in the way  they know).

All this in addition to my regular work, sure, and to the updates in

Anyway, this is just to say that I will soon be back, and this will happen during the tour. I will be posting reports about the trip in all sites, including this one.

So stay tuned.

Unipaas Gol: Guess winners of S.Africa World Cup and reach the Hall of Fame

This is a very interesting and enjoyable marketing project in which I have been involved during my last trip to Latin America.

Roca Sistemas, which is the Mexican distributor of Magic Software's products, has developed a game which will help us keep track of the results of the South Africa World Cup which is beginning in 6 days.

The application is simple: You register, log-in, and are presented with all the games in the competition, and you can guess the winner (or tie) for each game. We can begin with an initial guess, and then in the continuation of the tournament update our guesses for all the future games according to the performance of the teams. Games are locked 1 hour before they actually begin.

The competition does NOT carry prizes and there is no participation fee. The only purpose of participating is seeing your names in the TOP 5 Hall of  Fame.

The application is built using Magic Software's Unipaas RIA technology (RIA = Rich Internet Applications), one of the leading technologies for the fast development of RIA and SaaS applications. It can run on PCs and on Windows Mobile cellphones. More details after the break.

We Con the World - At least for humour, someone finally speaks the truth

Latest on the Flotilla issue is the video below which appeared on Youtube lately:

At least someone is trying to say something true, even if it is for humour sake....

Additionally, Paulo de Tarso Guimaraes, a Brazilian, my cousin's husband and my good friend, not jewish, responded to an article on this subject written in the local newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo with a brilliant letter which I would like to translate here. Paulo went to research the issue and found a Palestinian website which describes with live pictures the life of the opressed people in Gaza.

I will translate the letter and add some pictures and a link to the original Palestinian site after the break.

About all this fuss on the Turkish boat and the IDF attack

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I am currently in Mexico and seeing all the fuss in CNN about the happenings there at home.

Usually I don't involve politics in my website,and keep it only as a technology site, but once this did not stop TURKISH hackers from hacking it some months ago just because I am Israeli, I now feel free and comfortable to expose all the absurds in this story.

Unfortunately Israel has always been bad in propaganda. Propaganda is an Arab expertise. They know how to provoke others and then when responded to their provocation how cry as little sheep, blame the other side and ask  the worldfor their help. Everybody has already forgotten why Hammas is in Blockade; in simple English, it is called "more 3,000 rockets over Israel's civil population". Try to live like this, and let's see if there is one country in the world that wouldn't do much more than blockading Gaza.

During this blockade, Israel has kept two passages controlledly open, the Karny passage and the Erez passage, and through this passage they not only transfer food, medicine, humanitarian aid, and even fuel to the Palestinian, but they also bring to Israel sick people needing health care. I've heard something about Palestinian agricultural exports through those passages, but I am not sure. Additionally, Israel supply Gaza with all their needed electricity.

Now show me one other country which has been doing all this for more than 9 years while at the same time being shelled daily by the other side and I will give you a prize. Sure, there is no other country.

But since this doesn't sell newspapers, press keeps forgetting what is right and asking all the wrong questions, when they should be trying to reveal all that is behind.

So let's try to ask some right questions:

The future windows: what scenery would you like to wake up to this morning?

This video has been sent to me by a friend, and I am quite amazed by it:

Though there is nothing impossible in it technologically, I am impressed with the quality of the scenery and the way that it is presented so that we can see all angles as in a real window.

Well, I have a nice sea-view from my balcony at my living room, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have this in the bedroom and wake-up every morning to the view of the Iguacu Falls, the Amazon river, the Eilat underwater world, or something like this.....

BTW, I am told that no baby was hurt during the making of this film.

Dell's return to the PDA/Phone market - it's about time !!!

For many years I have waited for the opportunity to give these news: Dell is returning to the market of the PDAs and mobile phones.

Well, I am not talking about the Chinese phone by Dell announced some months ago. I am talking about 4 brand new international mobile phones, three of them running Android and one running Windows Phone 7, all scheduled for the lease in the end of this year and in the beginning of 2011.

More details after the break.

U3-X - Sony's future mobility concept

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People who know me know my interest for everything related to mobility. Phones, bikes, cars, concepts, and mobility technology in general.

Some years ago, I was one of the first people in Israel to report something new that was appearing in the US - the Segway. Today it is in wide use worldwide, but let's say it: use is less wide than we expected.

Today I found something new, that might be the extension of the concept of the Segway for something even more useful. Please meet the U3-X from Honda:

(my comments after the break)

Apple has changed the market in 7 days

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I guess almost everybody that reads this site knows my condition as a Microsoft Mobile Devices MVP, and also know about the fact that even though I try hard to keep in pace and know all the other phone operating systems and support iPhone users for one of the Israeli cellular operators as a third-party integrator, I have never liked the iPhone much in the past.

This makes this article a very interesting article for me to write.

I have been accompanying all the news on this area during the last week, from the lauch of the iPad and its warm acceptance in the market, and up to the new announcement of the iPhone 4.0 version.

Let's begin with the iPad: first it was interesting to see many websites that bashed this device at the time of the announcement suddenly express themselves as fanboys less than a day after the launch. What has changed? I don't know.

HTC is still planning more WM6.5 devices

This is still connected to my previous post from last week, from the Motorola developers meeting.

I have just finished reading the news item posted some days ago at which tells us about a presentation at CTIA made by HTC's CEO Mr. Peter Chou, in which he tells some rather interesting news:

  1. The first interesting statement is that Google's Nexus One is seen by Google as a great success, since with this phone Google wanted to prove that one can make very interesting phones based on the Android platform.
  2. He tells that despite HTC's position as the number one supplier of Android phones, the company has no intention to stop or slow down its joint activity with Microsoft.
  3. He also tells that an HTC made WP7S phone should be expected for before the end of this year.
  4. Last, he says that HTC will continue to design new phones using WM6.5.x, and that this OS will coexist side-by-side with WP7S.

While items 2 and 3 are no surprise to anyone, items 1 and 4 deserve some comments.

Is 6.5 to stay as Microsoft's enterprise mobile platform?

I am currently on a developer meeting by Motorola here in Tel Aviv and one of the messages brought by the key speakers is a very interestibg one: while Windows Phone 7 is a new product that will focus in the consumer market and compete directly with the iPhone, MS is totally committed to the continuatiom of Windows Mobile 6.5 as their enterprise platform, and Motorola/Symbol is buildimg its plans on that.

My thoughts on this option just after the break.

First real in-depth analysis of the ins and outs of Windows Phone 7 Series

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The website AnandTech has published a very interesting view of Windows Phone 7 Series, directly from whatever was discussed there at Mix 10.

The article, which goes through 15 pages, talks about multitasking and what won't be supported, copy-and-paste and why it won't be supported, other unsupported things, all the fantastic support for media, games, and others.

The article can be found on this link.

I must say I am happy that good multimedia support has been introduced in it, and gaming can also be important for some people. But how in the world will I be able to do the following tasks in the phone:

Your Passover Seder in the iPhone

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Here is one for all the iPhone freaks:

Tonight a new application has been sent to the iPhone application store which can be very handy at your Passover Seder. Meet iHagada:

The new App costs only $0.99 and it can be found at the iTunes Applications Store.

Happy (and Kosher) Passover.

Windows Phone 7 Series: the "won't have" week

This has been MIX 10 developer's conference week at Microsoft, but for many of us it has been the "this is another thing you won't have" week.

Reports are all around the network, but I will use as the basis for my articles two posts by Jason Dunn on WindowsPhone on these subjects, and the discussions they have generated. The first post is on Copy-and-Paste, and the second one is on Memory Cards.

(thanks to for the graphics)

Well, in January we were told that the Windows Phone 7 Series would be lacking multitasking, one of the only things that kept Windows Mobile superiority over other Operating Systems. We are all still in hope that Microsoft is talking only about the Media Edition of the phone, and this will be returned for the Business Edition on 2011, but at this point there is no confirmation or denial from the part of MS.

Next, we received this week the other two (or even three) hits: The OS won't support Copy-and-Paste on its initial version, and there will be no support for memory cards, as a result of the fact that there will be no file system in the phone.

What does this all mean for the users? My pick on this after the break.

Samsung new technology for flexible screens looks promising

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Found this today on, and looked very interesting to me.

Samsung has presented its new technology for flexible screens:

While the screen in the demo doesn't seem like a touch screen, I share the wishes of the writer at the original writeup that we will soon see this in a touch version that will lead our phones to be more durable without loosing their functionality.

Let's wait and see.

"Maximize your ROMI", a congress on multi-channel marketing

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Yesterday I spent half a day (or a little more than that) on the "Maximize your ROMI" congress organized by Matrix.

ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) is a hot word around here, and this study-day focused on multi-channel marketing and the new marketing channels that are now open to companies to work with.

As a part of this focus, much has been said about the new Internet channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others, and the new characteristics of these channels, which are interactive and many times loose from the control of the organization that is using it. Customers can easily create both positive and negative buzz, and the company must be both very proactive on its marketing work and very able to react quickly when something negative is happening, acting with creativity and much attention and care, in order to turn the negative into positive by its actions.

I won't be telling about the whole congress, but mainly about two presentations.

Upgrading my Samsung Omnia to WM6.5

Those who follow me at Twitter or Facebook have surely noticed that last week I have been quite busy updating my Samsung Omnia to WM6.5.

How did I do that? Everybody knows that there isn't an official WM6.5 ROM for the Samsung Omnia. Well, let me tell you that I did not invent or discover anything new. There are many good (and bad) cooked ROMs for the Omnia around…. The information is all around at the Internet. Now I will try to put some order in all that.

More details after the break.

On my way to Brazil

Well, there is the WMC going on in Barcelona, the MVPSummit in Seattle, and I am on my way.... to Brazil.

Some would say "well, there is the Carnaval going on there", but it officially ended yesterday at noon, local time. So this is really a business trip and not to any of those fun things that we could do on the places above.

I will be doing some meetings in Rio and Sao Paulo, and then moving up to Mexico for a roadshow. After that, back home to Israel. All in all, 10 days on this round trip.

This was the reason why yesterday I was testing software for blogging from my Windows Phone. Sometimes we are not around wifi networks, and the ability to post something from the phone is important.

Well, in case I have anything nice to show during the trip, I will be posting here. Fare well.

Blogging from the road with Pocket Sharpmt

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I am testing the option of bogging from the road using Pocket Sharpmt.

More after the break.

Windows Phone 7 Series announced

MWC 2010 is happening in Barcelona and, during the show, Microsoft has announced their new phone OS.

Windows Phone 7 Series is a new product, developed without any connection to the previous WIndows Mobile. While Windows Mobile was mainly based on the business user, the new version focuses on the consumer and his needs - User Interface, Social Networking, and Media. There will be a business edition later, with additional features, but we will talk about that then.

Windows Phone 7 Series will require specific hardware features. Microsoft has released a chassis design some months ago that show that. Minimum requirements will be a strong CPU, capacitive screens with big sizes (3.5'' or higher), GPS, haptic feedback, movement sensors, good cameras, and more.

Microsoft has learned something from the past, and specially from the anonimity of Windows Mobile. Their idea this time is to have all phones by all makers looking the same in terms of UI, and tagged as Windows Phone, so that the consumer that goes to buy a phone looks for a Windows Phone, and not for a specific maker.

More after the break, including 3 demonstration videos.

YikeBike will keep you fighting the street jams

A friend sent me a link to this product and movie, and it is just very nice to go unnoticed.

Yikebike is a kind of an upside-down electric bike that is built specially for being able to fight the traffic jams and parking problems, while being still easy and comfortable to ride. It folds into a small case of the size of its bigger wheel, which seems also to be light enough to carry on your shoulder without developing severe back conditions.

The bike, which is the result of the research of a company with the same name from New Zealand, is still not for sale, but is expected to make its debut on European streets in April-May this year.

Take a look at the video:

If you really want one of those, you will need to prepare between 3,500 and 4,000 Euro for that. This is the value that this bike is said to cost. You can pre-order with a deposit of 100 Euros at the Yikebike's website.

So, how was my GPSed experience? The story, link to the map.

In the last post I have told that I was going into a tour to the Negev desert with the Israel Burgman Club, and that I was going to record the whole trip using my phone camera and GPSed.

First of all, the trip was a beautiful trip. It was nice to go back to a region of Israel in which I have lived for 6 years and left 20 years ago. Specially in such a year in which we are having good rains, the Negev, though a little muddy, is showing its whole life and greatness, with beautiful green and charming flowers.

The track recording with the photos is ready as well. You can find it at this link.

But things were not as easy as they look.

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