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Today: Burgman Tour to the Western Negev Desert - follow us Online

Today the Burgman Club Israel will be doing a trip to the Western Negev Desert.

I will be using for the first time the software GPSed to record our track in real time. During the larger stops, I will also be posting the photos I take and connecting them to the track using the GPSed website.

So, if you want to follow us online, you will be able to find in some minutes at my Twitter Channel the link to the track page. It is published automatically at the moment I transmit the first position.

Hope you enjoy the posts. I will be enjoying the trip !!!

New Resco Explorer 2010 can keep your social networks updated

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One can think that a product like a File Explorer would get to a point where nothing can make it better anymore....

This is what I have thought for some years regarding Resco Explorer. And then Resco comes out with Resco Explorer 2010 (version 8.00) and shows me how wrong I was.

This won't be a product review, just a short note about the new version and what it can do.

Four new features of the software are very important for many users:

First comes the ability to upload images directly to your social networks. Those include Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Photobucket and Fotki. I have been testing the new version with Picasa and Facebook, and I must say it works very nicely. You can even open new albums with the upload feature.

Second, the thumbnail view of the folders, makes browsing much more comfortable for whoever prefers this mode.

Third, the Task Management feature, which lets us close/switch to any application currently running on the background.

Proporta ships their WildCharger wireless charging pad

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Charging doesn't need to mean a mess of cables anymore. I have just received a mail from Proporta telling me they have just launched their WildCharger Wireless charging pad.

We are talking about a conductive pad of the size of a mouse-pad, which arrives with a set of eight connectors which fulfill the needs of almost every user, fitting Nokia, HTC, iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle2 and Palm.

Placing a Wildcharger enabled device (by one of the connectors) on the pad starts the charging process seamlessly and hassle-free.

Porporta's site say the pad has a "sleep" function for saving energy when no device is on it, and that it can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. That makes it a very interesting device.

It is still not clear to me if there are additional connectors that can be added to the package (like, for example, a connector for the Samsung Omnia), but I am verifying this with them.

More information on the product's page at Proporta website. The price of the product is 59.95 pounds.

Bill Gates joins Twitter

Bill Gates has joined Twitter, with the twitter-name BillGates.

Sources say this is the real Gates, and that he has also re-joined Facebook, after giving up on it some time ago saying that "it took too much time".

At this moment there are only 5 tweets by Gates, most of them on the issue of the Earthquake on Haiti and the raising of money to help this unfortunate region.

The story of this addition is the speed in which the word is spreading around. Around twenty minutes before writing this article, I signed up for following his tweets, and there were 122,000 followers in the list. That's 10 hours after his first tweet. At this moment, the number is already 130,300, and growing steadily.

So, if you have a Twitter account, this is a guy that is worth hearing what he has to say. Just go to and press the "Follow" button. You will be one more in the list.

Roadsync for Android: Exchange in your Android device

One of the reports that I am getting frequently in the last weeks regarding the Nexus One is about disappointment of users that discover that they cannot sync their Exchange Account to the device.

Fear not !!! Roadsync for Android is here for you!

Roadsync is a package developed by Dataviz, which is usually recognized by their successful Documents-to-Go software. Roadsync has been for years a very successful software on Symbian, solving problems that Mail for Exchange cannot solve. It is based on Microsoft Activesync, and has been lately ported to the Android platform.

Cost is very low (only $9.99 at the Android market), installation is simple, and in 5 minutes you can be sync'ing your account.

All the details at Dataviz's website.

Google and China: a cyberspace saga

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The world has been looking eagerly to understand what is happening between Google and China, after the company has announced it will close its servers in this country and stop the censorship to the search results in this country.

So what is happening there?

First thing that we have is the Blog post by David Drummond, SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, telling that Google's servers and the servers of at least 20 other companies have been the target of a "heavy and very sophisticated attack" of hackers. The objective of the attack to the Google servers was mainly to access the GMail accounts of Chinese Human Rights activists.

CES and new announcements there

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CES is beginning, and with it some new and interesting announcements.

The most publicized of them all is the Nexus One by Google, and we can understand why.

At the iPhone land, it is a great happening when a real competitor comes up. And let's face it, Windows Mobile hasn't been a real competitor lately. A competitor fights for its position in the market, and I can hardly consider what Microsoft is doing in the US fighting (never mind what they are doing in other countries - nothing). So the new device from Google and HTC has a lot in line to create a lot of excitement.

The device has good specs, a great multitasking OS in its latest version which still hasn't been seen on other devices, and - well, we can say that - a good price. It is interesting to see what the break on the purchases will be: how many on T-Mobile and how many directly from Google for other networks. I hope this detail will come out at some point.

Details at the Google page for the device.

But this is not all, more after the break.

Proporta helps you treat your new HD2 with discounts

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My other site,, has set a promotion with our friends at Proporta to commemorate two facts:

  1. New Year, sure!
  2. The launch of the HTC HD2 in Israel in December

I have decided to extend the promotion to the readers of BornMobile as well, so this is what you need to do in order to get a 15% discount on accessories for the HD2:

  1. Enter our Proporta Affiliate site.
  2. Purchase any of the following products:
    1. Proporta Alu-Leather Case for the HTC HD2
    2. Proporta Mizu-Shell for the HTC HD2
    3. Screen Protector for the HTC HD2
    4. Proporta Sync/Charge craddle for the HTC HD2
  3. After you finish filling your shopping cart, at checkout time, use the coupon code HTC15. This will get you a 15% discount on the selected accessories.

The coupon code is valid until the end of February, so go ahead and use it.

The new airport security measures - making flying unbearable

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Today I bumped into an interesting writeup at Gizmodo.

The guys there are so outraged with the new in-flight security rules that they have decided to make a table on how real are the chances that you become a victim of in-flight terror.

 To tell you the truth, I believe that part of the rules are pretty absurd, like prohibiting any kind of electronics in flight and even turning off all entertainment systems in the plane. For people doing flights that can take from 7-12 hours, this is almost impossible to bear with. As well, the body-check at 100% of the passenger will from one side make the experience of going into a flight terrible, and on the other side make the security teams so busy trying to do these checks in an acceptable time that they will never check properly those that they should really be carefully checking.

 Well as an Israeli, I am already used to the lines at the airport for checking luggage. This exists since I first came to the country. As well, the 1-hour sitting before landing is already being used here for around one year. People protested in the beginning, but at the end got used to it and it is quite acceptable. But 11 hours without any kind of entertainment? Come on!!! Next someone will try to explode his meals and you will cut meals as well, right? OK, now it is clear, it is just a plot for lowering airline expenses.

Well, having made it all clear, all that is left is to direct you to the table from Gizmodo which is presented after the break. And please don't forget to see their original report right here.

Hackers..... get a life!

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Tonight at 3AM (Israel time), this site has been hacked and stayed inactive for around 6 hours.

Well, the hackers were Turkish, from our same time zone, so we can conclude that they probably don't have either a social or a sexual life, so they masturbate by ruining the work of others.

Or, considering the fact that they are Turkish and the owner of this site is Israeli, we could assume that the reason for the hack could be political.  Nevertheless the site has no political objective at all, being only a mobility dedicated site - if they are taking down a non-political, mobility dedicated site just because of the origin of the owner, we can surely conclude the level of barbarism in which those guys live and act upon.

Anyway, the site is back up and I believe my mistake while defining the site security that left the door for them to come in is now fixed.

Re-visiting Jajah

A lot of noise has been made during this week about the purchase of Jajah by O2 for the sum of USD 200M.

I am a customer of Jajah since their first days, but I have to admit I have never used too much their services. I have to admit that at the time that I was abroad, if I had already to go to the web to dial, I would prefer using Skype (since it would save me the price of the local incoming call, and when I was in my home country I never remembered their service when I needed it. Probably my mistake, but I believe many are in the same situation.

So I decided to re-visit their website and learn a little more of what is their offer today that makes it so interesting to O2.

You can see some of my conclusions after the break.

Windows Mobile looses its second place in the US to the iPhone

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I was very disappointed today to see this report at, based on a comScore survey and telling us that in last October Windows Mobile lost its second place in the US market to the iPhone, which has grown its market from 4.5 million devices in February to 8.9 million devices in October, while WM stayed around their 7.5 million.

While this is by itself an interesting quote, even more interesting is the fact that only 2% of the interviewed users showed plans to purchase a WM device in the next months, and most intend to purchase Android devices. Those who have remembered a WM phone they want to purchase talked about the AT&T Tilt, an old device far from the last generation.

There is no need to ask what  brought to this situation; Microsoft has been doing for the last years all the possible mistakes in regard to Windows Mobile based phones, and it was just a question of time until someone did less mistakes. Now we have got to a point in which this "someone" is almost everyone in the market.

What is wrong with this picture?

I have just received this picture by mail and had a good laugh with it.

The picture has been shot in a supermarket in Texas:

So, what is wrong with it?

If you haven't found it yet, the answer is after the break.

The iPhone launch in Israel - a flop known in advance, and what now....

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This week, 2.5 yearts after the launch in the US, the iPhone has been finally launched in Israel by all three cellular operators.

The date was announced around one month in advance, and all operators began to get ready for the launch. Specially in terms of PR. Journalists and bloggers were called for meetings, material has been sent, and a lot of expectation set.

If, on one hand, ads were not put in TV before the actual launch (maybe because of limitations imposed by Apple, I don't know), on the other hand the companies let the newspapers, blogs, and even the TV news make the noise for them.

And there we went, a cattle of well trained beasts talking in unisson the same words we were told to say. Even in my site in Hebrew,, I (who don't like the iPhone so much), couldn't stop the freakin' engagement of the other writers with this subject, and two days before the launch the main page of the site was 90% about the launch that is about to come.

Upgrading my Acer AspireOne to Windows 7

Last week I decided to upgrade my Netbook, an Acer AspireOne 8.9', to Windows 7. Since I believe that many people around the world are in doubt whether to do such a thing, I believe this is a subject that should have its place on this site.

Netbook Windows 7 001

First thing that must be said: from the picture above you can tell that this story has a happy end. However, even though the process was not difficult, it reserved for me its share of bumps and lessons learnt. You will see about that after the break.

Software Review: GPSed

My last article here, dating of some weeks ago, was about Mobiscope from Shape Services. Curiously, some days after publishing that article, I was advised that the company has released an update for another of their best sellers, GPSed.

So I wrote to them and asked for a reviewer's license in order to try to figure out what they are talking about with GPSed, and what's all the fun with it.

The above pictures are from the developers' website. My findings, together with my own screenshots and a short video just after the break.


So what is it for?

Mobiscope: Surveillance cameras without spending much

Many times we feel the need to have surveillance cameras at home or at the office. It could be the office at the times we are not there, home during a vacation period, or even a hidden camera to verify how our elderly relatives or children are being taken care by their nurses or babysitters.

However, the price of such a system can be very high. Something quite outrageous, considering that most systems existing today are appliances based on two common technologies: network cameras and PCs.

So what could we do to get similar results without going bankrupt and getting access to the cameras from everywhere? Here is where Mobiscope comes in.

The details after the break.

Humour: Crazy Driver

Sometimes when you look at your old stuff you find things you weren't expecting.

Here I am, looking at my old movies.... suddenly I found this pearl.

And people say that women don't cause accidents.... decide for yourself:

A challenging project - two Exchange servers through one single ISA server

In my life as a consultant I meet many times interesting and challenging projects. Those are usually connected to two cases:

a. Badly managed server infrastructure in which most of the time is spent in trying to find what has been broken by the IT team.
b. Well-managed, but complicated architectures that demand sometimes a lot of thinking in order to find the right solutions.

I don't like to talk about the cases connected to the first template. Those cases are not my piece of cake; they are challenging, but usually connected to very non-interesting trial and error processes. They are also usually connected to system managers that will never be ready to recognize that they did not have the faintest idea of what they were doing when they turned their server upside-down.

The cases that interest me the most are the cases from the second group, and yesterday I had the chance to participate in one interesting one-day project of this kind. So here is the story:

HTC HD2 - The review

Lately I have been through a small motorcycle accident and had to slow down my activities for some days. Well, thanks to my friends at Newpan, the local HTC distributor, this has become a less difficult task when they lent me an HTC Touch HD2 so that I can get a review done.

The original review (in Hebrew), has been posted at MobilityFreak at this link.

So here is the baby:

I think I can begin by saying that this phone is a design masterpiece. I have never touched a phone which is so big in size and screen and yet feels so right in the hand and so comfortable in the pocket. So this is a first point to HTC.

You will be able to see the full review with many more pictures and a video demonstration in the full article page.

 Here is a small size comparison between the HD2 and my Omnia:

About poor decisions and their poor results

Today I went to visit a customer, which has been consulting me by phone for some days regarding problems in their phones calendars since the end of DST in Israel.

So, what about all these surveys?

One good example of Brazilian wisdom is an old saying from the 70's  that says:  "Statistics are like the Bikini - they show everything except the essential."

So why do I suddenly talk about that? Well, analysts of our days try to be the prophets of the future. They deal all the day with numbers, and at the end of the day try to draw conclusions from them and say how the future will be.

Windows Phone Launch overview

So, did you know that there is a new Windows Phone around?

Well, I can hear the sighs. With some 10 new models around now and 30 expected until the end of the year, I would expect that Microsoft would try to make at least the same noise that Steve Jobs and Apple made of the iPhone 3GS (which presents even less news than the new version of Windows Mobile)..... but then the result is silence.

So, what can we still see about the launch?

Say welcome to

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Today I am finishing a project that took me nearly a year to complete.

Finally, after 52 weeks and 1 day, is launching and replacing

The new site comes to life after I had been feeling for years the pains of the platforms of the old site, Greymatter and YABB. The new site is all built in a modern, PHP based platform, which gives us space for much more functionality than we had previously and still opens the appetite for a lot of new functionality in the future.

Long time no see.....

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It's been some time since I've last posted here, and no, the site is not dead.

In fact, I am getting ready for a double launch.

First, the WM6.5 launch as everybody knows, which I want to cover in the best way possible.

Secondly, (my website in Hebrew) is growing into a new site, in a new platform, and a new domain name which is more open to different technologies, and the work on this launch is around the clock.

I hope that before the middle of this week the two things will be over and I will be back to activity here as usual.

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