Born Mobile brings the personal view of Helio Diamant, mobility geek and computer professional, regarding all the aspects of the life of a mobile person in today's world. Helio is the owner of the Hebrew mobility site and of Go-Mobile Ltd., a consulting company that specializes in the area of mobile systems. This site covers all technologies and lifestyle items like phones, computers, cars, motorcycles, and more, and gives a picture of the lifestyle of the writer.

Mobile Lifestyle: things I do with my smartphone

This site, as it is said in our moto top line, speaks about Mobile Lifestyle. So it is time to write a little more about it, and tell some main aspects of one of the most important mobility accessories of today's life, the cellphone.

So, first things first: what is Mobile Lifestyle in my point of view?

VOIP blocking at Israeli Cellular Operators?

An interesting story has been concerning all smartphone users in Israel at the latest weeks. Although this is currently our concern, I quite believe it is a subject of concern in the whole world, and I would like to comment it here.


Burgman Club Israel X-Country Tour

Those who are connected to me at Facebook have probably already seen that, but I guess some people are not and will still be interested.

I own a Suzuki Burgman AN650 megascooter, a 650cc monster wich gives us the ability to travel around the country feeling that we are sitting on our home sofa. One of the best features of this scooter in Israel is the owners club, which promotes beautiful tours around the country and even abroad (meanwhile the Italian Alps and Dolomites in 2008).

Last month we had a 3 day cross-country tour: we started on Thursday morning at the center of the country in Tel Aviv, went to the very north, at Rosh Ha Nikrah and Mt. Hermon, then directly to the South to Eilat through the Dead Sea, and back to Tel Aviv.

Just two or three pictures to raise the appetite:

View from Rosh Ha Nikra on Western Galilee

A traumatic experience - probably only for me

Today I have gone through a traumatic experience that probably every parent in Israel goes through: my daughter Keren proved to me that she is not so little anymore and was recruited to the army.


Keren and me

I did the army at a late age, 28, and the experience today took me back to my own recruitment experience. The day spent there waiting for being transferred to boot-camp, the boot-camp itself and the year in the army, etc.

Now, some details about me

OK, after the site introduction, some details about me and my favorite gear:


  • Facebook name: Helio Diamant
  • Twitter page:
  • Current Primary Phone: Samsung Omnia
  • Current Secondary Phone: HTC Advantage 7500
  • Current Netbook: Acer AspireOne
  • Current Motorcycle: Suzuki Burgman AN650 2005


Welcome to Born Mobile

Welcome! I am glad you've made it!


My name is Helio Diamant, and I am mainly a business-person and a mobility geek. I am the owner of the Hebrew website, and of a consulting company called Go-Mobile Ltd., active in Israel.


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