Having my wallet everywhere I am

Well, having my wallet everywhere I am seems quite trivial when I am talking about my physical wallet - yes, that one that holds the bills - but it may not be so when I am talking about an electronic wallet that holds my passwords and personal data.

In the past, when I used my Windows Mobile device, I used to use eWallet from Ilium Software, a great wallet system which had a very good desktop companion and Windows Mobile Client for keeping the wallet updated everywhere. Every day I would connect my device to the PC and the wallets would sync.

Then I moved to Android, and all that Ilium could offer me in this platform was a viewer to my wallet, while all the editing was supposed to be done in the PC. Better than nothing, but not enough for me. I was out to find my new wallet software.

Luckilly, in the same days, SBSH announced their new Safewallet 2, and with it a version for Android to be released soon (meanwhile it has already been released). Knowing the quality of SBSH products, I decided I ought to try it. And so I did.

I downloaded version 2.02 of the desktop version, imported my eWallet wallet into it, and installed the Android version. Now the point was to discover how to sync it.

Looking at the software documentation, I couldn't be happier to see something like the so called Cloud Sync using Dropbox !!! This was exactly what I needed. Being a Dropbox user, this was the perfect conduit to have my wallets passing from Desktop to Desktop and from Desktop to device at once, no matter where I updated it.

What do you need to sync via Dropbox?

- at least one computer with Safewallet;
- at least one phone with Safewallet; phones can be Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian;
- a dropbox account.

Sync is encryptded and 100% secure according to SBSH's site.


We begin from the main screen at Safewallet Desktop, where we choose the Safewallet Menu.

At the menu, we go into Settings.

There, we go to the Library tab and check the checkbox saying "Store wallets with Dropbox". Doing so will create a Safewallet folder inside the Dropbox folder insie your computer.

Press OK and we are done from the side of the desktop. Now, to the mobile. I will be using my Android device for the demo, and assuming that configuration will be similar for outer platforms.

Entering the software, our wallets library will be empty. We press the menu button and go into Settings. There, the first step will be to check the checkbox saying "Use Dropbox Sync".

After that, we clik over "Dropbox Account":

In my screen you see that the account has already been saved. In a new user's case, you will have the fields for the username and password, and then the Login will be done.

This was the moment in which I was struck by the fact that SBSH developed their own Dropbox Client, and did not rely on the exisitng client for the phone. This fact allows for quite better integration and security, but is definitely a bigger development effort.

We go back to our first page, and the library already shows our wallets.

Choosing a wallet will ask us for the wallet's password.

And that's it. We are inside. You can check the above screen with the first screen in this article and verify it is definitely the same wallet.

CONCLUSION: Safewallet was already one of my favorite software packages for private wallet management. This Dropbox synchronization features makes a whole difference. SBSH has done a fantastic work on this, and from now on this is the ONLY software I will use for my wallets.

To the Safewallet website.