Burgman " 'Round Israel Tour" (Sovev Israel 2011)

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It is quite some time since I last posted on this blog, and this is mainly for two reasons: first I was very busy with some other projects, and second, there was nothing really special worth posting here.

Now, winter is gone, spring is almost gone, and at the end of May we have had a national event called Baja Israel, a cross-country race in which Jeeps, motocross bikes, and track cars and buggys crossed the whole country off-road in one day, from the Golan Heights to Eilat.

Since our Burgmans don't really fit the off-road definition, we created a parallel event: the 'Round Israel Tour. This was a three-day tour doing a circular path that went through: Tel Aviv, Rosh HaNikra, Northern Road, Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, Kibbutz Marom Golan, Tiberias, Jordan Valley Road, Dead Sea, Arava Road, Eilat, Mitzpe Ramon, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv.

Here is the path in the Map:

You can click the map to see it in full size. The green line is the path done by us in those 3 days, between 1,200 and 1,500 Km.

During the event, I had a camera mounted in my motorcycle bar, capturing video of the beautiful parts of the way. At the end of the event, together with material given to me by others, I had some 20GB of beautiful sceneries, beautiful rides, and people.

Doing a 'round Israel at this time is like visiting all seasons at once: the green of the north versus the deserts of the south and temperatures ranging from 12 degrees at the Hermon to 40 degrees in Eilat. All caught well by the camera.

The objective for this material was making a DVD for the participants, and after some days it was done. One beautiful hour of joy.

Then I discovered that for some reason my YouTube account, which used to accept videos longer than 15 minutes, did not accept them anymore.

Now, cutting that 1 hour to 15 minutes was a real pain. I had to cut real "live meet", scenes that I loved but had no place in a 15 minute video.

At the end, I managed to make it - it is not as stunning as the long one, but surely beautiful to see.

So here it is for you. I hope you enjoy.

See you in the next post.