About patents and a very special product

Many thanks to Lucas Repullo who shared with me this pearl.

In today's market, most of the companies in the mobile phone sector are more busy in patent wars for stopping others from making products, than on making their own products at all.

The situation is, let's agree, quite outraging. Specially when you consider that many companies involved in these wars have never released a single product to prove their patent really stands.

But here is the deal: here is a guy that invented a mobile product which can go with you everywhere (though not very comfortable in the pocket), produced it in consumer market commercial quantities, and for what I have read, has already sold 400,000 units of it.

In the video below the inventor Bob Balow demonstrates his invention.

If you are duying to buy this product, here is the link: http://www.rcbproducts.com/

Enjoy the spaghetti.