Video: Izhar's cardboard bike

It is always a pleasure to see a story and be able to say "Hey, I know this guy!"....

In this case, it is a double pleasure, since I can say "Hey, I know these guys! " ... and refer both to the producer of the video and to the subject of the movie.

The movie I present below was done by Giora Kariv on the subject of one of his friends at Kibbutz Bror Hail that has created a great invention:

The guy: Izhar Gafni.

The invention: a cardboard bicycle.

I happen to know both, since I was a member of Bror Hail between 1983 and 1989, a time in which Izhar was a beginning electrician and Giora was, if I am not wrong, just coming back from the army to the farm.

It comes out that Izhar's hobby, riding bicycles, came out to lead him to this invention - a strong, resistant, and cheap bicycle all made of cardboard when he just heard a story of a cardboard canoe.

According to the video, Izhar has already registered a patent on the invention, and there are already some companies interested on serially manufacturing the bicycle.

See the video:

Please help me wish much success to Izhar in this enterprise.