Video from the trip to the French Alps and Italian Lakes

 Well, I did publish my article about the trip I did in July to the French Alps, the Montblanc, and the Italian Lakes.

However, I forgot to publish the video of the trip.

Unfortunatelly, due to some music that has been used in the video, it is not open for every country. In fact, it is blocked for users in American Samoa, Canada, Germany, Guam, Japan, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States Virgin Islands

The movie is 20 minutes long, and documents the whole trip. During the 7 first minutes, you see the preliminar trip to the Italian and French Riviera done by the two couples that were our partners in the trip. At the 7th minute, when they get to Grenoble, Lily and myself  join the group and from that moment we are part of the group as well.

It is a great form of seeing the views, understanding the roads we have been in, and sharing with you the experience of this trip. I hope you enjoy.