This is THE winter

 People who follow me on Facebook has been seeing my reports on the winter here during the last weeks.

I have been sharing pictures of the Ayalon River full of water for the first time in 20 years:

I need to add that the river overflood and caused floods to large areas of the Ayalon road, closing the road and causing 4-hour traffic jams in the center of Tel Aviv.

As usually, when these things happen, some jokes that are typical to Israelis immediately appear... these didn't pass unnoticed to my eyes:

And surely, the biggest headline was the snow in Jerusalem and even at Dimona in the Negev desert. Here is Jerusalem in the snow:

Yesterday, the weather calmed down, and it seems that it will stay like this for a while. Though it is still very cold, snow is over in all the uncommon places and it is now a particularity to the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountain.

Anyway, to all people that like cold weather, but not as cold to be completely uncomfortable, this is the time to visit Israel. The winter has been beautiful this year, and we hope it will continue like this.