BOX and Dell giving you 50GB of free storage space - FOREVER !!!

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Well, one thing that is beyond discussion nowadays: the computing world is moving to the cloud.

If you ask why, there are many reasons, beginning from the fact that we need sharing of documents between many devices and sharing with others. If in need for more reasons, the fact that tablets and phones are substituting computers and these devices come with less storage space is also a factor.

The problem: there are many different cloud storage services, and the main ones (Dropbox, Sugarsync, Skydrive, Google Drive) offer a very small ammount of free storage, charging real money for larger ammounts. Smaller providers don't even provide free storage.

The fact is that the requirement for money is fair. After all, storage costs money, and those are commercial companies trying to survive and profit. However, this has been a big obstacle for the growth in the popularity of these services.

Around a year ago, a new model has been put together: cloud storage providers joined forces with hardware makers and provided for the purchasers of the hardware a larger ammount - usually 50GB - for a specified period of time - usually 2 years. The idea is to get users adopting the service, getting used to it, and ready to pay for it after the period of time is over.

This is why I got surprised when I found an item in Talk Android telling about the following DELL + BOX promotion:

What? For life ??? It couldn't look better, a good reason to buy a Dell computer.

Well, it does look better. Read well:

The offer is for ANYONE  WHO REGISTERS, no need for proof of a Dell purchase. That's right, anyone ! provides clients for Windows, iOS, Android and others, and there is a great number of applications that support it. It is quite a mainstream cloud service, and this offer - when compared to the offer of 2GB free storage at Dropbox, 5GB at Sugarsync, 7GB at Skydrive from Microsoft, and 2GB at Google Drive - can turn them into the main service in town.

So, what do you need to register? Just getting into the link here and filling up the details. Enjoy!

Source: Talk Android