Upgrade Kit for IPhone 4 owners

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 With the release of the Iphone 4S, a new upgrade kit has been released for the owners of the old Iphone 4:

Any additional word is superfluous.

Source: BuzzFeed.

Apple has changed the market in 7 days

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I guess almost everybody that reads this site knows my condition as a Microsoft Mobile Devices MVP, and also know about the fact that even though I try hard to keep in pace and know all the other phone operating systems and support iPhone users for one of the Israeli cellular operators as a third-party integrator, I have never liked the iPhone much in the past.

This makes this article a very interesting article for me to write.

I have been accompanying all the news on this area during the last week, from the lauch of the iPad and its warm acceptance in the market, and up to the new announcement of the iPhone 4.0 version.

Let's begin with the iPad: first it was interesting to see many websites that bashed this device at the time of the announcement suddenly express themselves as fanboys less than a day after the launch. What has changed? I don't know.

Your Passover Seder in the iPhone

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Here is one for all the iPhone freaks:

Tonight a new application has been sent to the iPhone application store which can be very handy at your Passover Seder. Meet iHagada:

The new App costs only $0.99 and it can be found at the iTunes Applications Store.

Happy (and Kosher) Passover.

Windows Mobile looses its second place in the US to the iPhone

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I was very disappointed today to see this report at WindowsPhoneThoughts.com, based on a comScore survey and telling us that in last October Windows Mobile lost its second place in the US market to the iPhone, which has grown its market from 4.5 million devices in February to 8.9 million devices in October, while WM stayed around their 7.5 million.

While this is by itself an interesting quote, even more interesting is the fact that only 2% of the interviewed users showed plans to purchase a WM device in the next months, and most intend to purchase Android devices. Those who have remembered a WM phone they want to purchase talked about the AT&T Tilt, an old device far from the last generation.

There is no need to ask what  brought to this situation; Microsoft has been doing for the last years all the possible mistakes in regard to Windows Mobile based phones, and it was just a question of time until someone did less mistakes. Now we have got to a point in which this "someone" is almost everyone in the market.

The iPhone launch in Israel - a flop known in advance, and what now....

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This week, 2.5 yearts after the launch in the US, the iPhone has been finally launched in Israel by all three cellular operators.

The date was announced around one month in advance, and all operators began to get ready for the launch. Specially in terms of PR. Journalists and bloggers were called for meetings, material has been sent, and a lot of expectation set.

If, on one hand, ads were not put in TV before the actual launch (maybe because of limitations imposed by Apple, I don't know), on the other hand the companies let the newspapers, blogs, and even the TV news make the noise for them.

And there we went, a cattle of well trained beasts talking in unisson the same words we were told to say. Even in my site in Hebrew, www.mobilityfreak.co.il, I (who don't like the iPhone so much), couldn't stop the freakin' engagement of the other writers with this subject, and two days before the launch the main page of the site was 90% about the launch that is about to come.

iPhone, the moment of truth: most operators loose money with it

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I have been reading during the weekend a 105-page report on the iPhone by Strand Consult fromScandinavia. The title of the report is "The moment of truth - a portrait of the iPhone". It happens to be a very interesting report, killing a lot of conceptions that are taken as "holy cows" in the industry.

I cannot distribute the report here for copyright reasons. What I can offer is some personal conclusions and the recommendation to anyone interested to get the report for free directly from Strand.

Can someone tell me what to do with 900,000 iPhones?

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Well, the market here in Israel has been soaring during the last month-and-a-half. Apple has signed contracts to begin selling the iPhone here..... with all three big cellular operators in parallel.

Some facts:

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