Predictions for 2013 mobile technology world

 Well, in out last personal view we talked about the best smartphones of 2012, but then what is 2013 bringing to us?

Looking at what happened in 2012, we can get to some conclusions on how things might develop in the next year.

There is surely much to talk about. So let's try to make some predictions.


Smartphone prices

During the last half of 2012 I have seen many device manufacturers in different areas of the world abandon (either completely or partially) the manufacturing and commercialization of feature-phones and shifting to a total dedication to smartphones using Android.

The reason for that: the plunge in the price of smartphone manufacturing.

Robot playing Ace of Spades

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This is a nice video I found at Youtube yesterday.

This group of three robots is enjoying the performance of Ace of Spades.....

Ha, it seems that finally robots are getting to the point they can do anything.... even enjoy!


Video: Izhar's cardboard bike

It is always a pleasure to see a story and be able to say "Hey, I know this guy!"....

In this case, it is a double pleasure, since I can say "Hey, I know these guys! " ... and refer both to the producer of the video and to the subject of the movie.

The movie I present below was done by Giora Kariv on the subject of one of his friends at Kibbutz Bror Hail that has created a great invention:

The guy: Izhar Gafni.

The invention: a cardboard bicycle.

I happen to know both, since I was a member of Bror Hail between 1983 and 1989, a time in which Izhar was a beginning electrician and Giora was, if I am not wrong, just coming back from the army to the farm.

It comes out that Izhar's hobby, riding bicycles, came out to lead him to this invention - a strong, resistant, and cheap bicycle all made of cardboard when he just heard a story of a cardboard canoe.

According to the video, Izhar has already registered a patent on the invention, and there are already some companies interested on serially manufacturing the bicycle.

See the video:

Please help me wish much success to Izhar in this enterprise.

It's a smartphone world !!! Or isn't it ???

Since my first experience with a PocketPC Phone Edition in 2002 I've come to the conclusion that the world was going in the direction of Smartphones, that those might one day replace the computers that we have at home, and that this move was happening in fast speeds.

The world continued going round, technologies were in constant change, and the appearance of the iPhone and Android in the late 2000's made me feel my prognostic was completely right. Until something strange happened to my life: I began working in a company which has in Feature Phones (those simple phones that don't allow you to install software on them) its main market, and received a view of a completely different world.

I must say I was shocked. After so many years of belief, I was suddenly seing some data that showed me I was living a lie!

Well, no, not exactly a lie, but in best case a very partial truth. This discovery was the moment that made me begin looking back at the assertions I had within me and re-check their truthfulness, timing, localization, and all other kinds of details.

Upgrading my HTC Desire to Android 2.3 Gingerbread

OK, I have been already for 6 months with my HTC Desire, have upgraded it to FroYo, which left it approximately the same way it was previously with Eclair, and was already beginning to get bored.

What was left? Trying an upgrade to newly released Gingerbread.

The picture above already gives you an idea of the result......

My two main concerns:

1. Finding a ROM version that was reliable - since the Desire is my primary device,
2. Having Hebrew in the device at the end of the process - since without Hebrew using the device in Israel will be impossible, even though my calendar and phonebook are kept in English.

More after the break.

The hole in the wall

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This story follows the story published yesterday about good people willing to change the world by the availability of technology for the masses.

India is a place where 1 billion people live, actually 1 out of every 6 people in the planet. It is a place full of social and cultural differences, and 50% of its population cannot read. The poor population in the country has no access to computers or to the Internet.

One good man, a manager in a technology company, started a private project called "The hole in the wall", in which he installed computers in different local slums and encouraged the local children to try to use it.

It is beautiful to see the results of the project; children without any previous computer experience just "taught themselves" how to use it and found their way through the internet to the places that interested them.

Any additional words are a waste. Just watch the video:

I wish there were more people like this man and his Japanese friend from the previous post. If mankind was more dedicated to these projects and less to hate we would surely live in a much better world.

Converting Plastic back into Oil

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This video was found by a friend of mine, Diana, who published a link to it on Facebook. Thanks, Diana, couldn't be better.

In the crazy lives we live we do a lot of damage to the planet, and most of us don't even notice that. One of the biggest damages we have been doing during the last full century is the irresponsible use of oil, which is taken in quantities from our underground, refined, used, and left around as waste of variable forms: plastic, PVC, synthetic rubber, and all kinds of other things.

The developed world is just in the beginning of its learning on recycling, and until now most of the recycling technologies, though important, fail on achieving the objective of creating recycled products which can be important to our daily lives.

One of the important developments of these recycling technologies was a process invented in Israel that makes possible turning used tyres into asphalt. The first full road made of recycled asphalt from tyres has just been built near Haifa.

But I believe that what we see in this video is something that goes beyond all: a Japanese scientist managed to build a machine which through a simple process recycles plastic waste back into oil. From 1Kg of plastic waste we can obtain 1 liter of oil, and this can be used as is or processed into gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Consider that for every Kg of plastic burnt around the world we emit 3 liters of CO2, and we conclude it can also help very much cleaning our air.

Here is the video:

I hope this guy manage to create a commercial product out of this prototype, which can be built, sold for acceptable prices, and held in every home. I would be glad to reprocess all my plastic waste into gasoline and fill my tank with it. You don't need to be an environmentalist in order to love the idea...... specially when you consider the current gasoline prices.

How to call an autonomous cab in Berlin

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I've got the link to this video tonight and couldn't be more impressed. This looks like science fiction to me, but it seems to be working. Anyway, I don't know if it is a full service or just a beta test.

OK, people used to say that one day cars would travel by themselves, and here it is.

It seems it travelled very slowly in the video, so I don't know how advanced this whole thing is, but the simple fact that it managed to arrive to its destination in one piece is already an achievement.

What do you think?

Radio from all the world at the palm of your hands

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One of these days I woke up with a strong desire to listen to good Brazilian music on my HTC Desire. Not something from the hundreds of titles I have on my Media Center, but good random radio programs. I was even thinking on a specific station from Rio de Janeiro.

Being already some months away from Windows Mobile and Spb Radio, I turned to the Android App. Market for help, and found a good number of options. Among them, I found, after trying some others, a free and highly rated application called "TuneIn Radio" by RadioTime. OK, this reminds me good times in the past, let's see it.

I can tell you at this point that this is the app. that stayed installed in my device. The details you can get after the break.

Hillarious video: And so you code

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One very nice viral campaign launched by Magic Software in its history is the following video launched yesterday by them.

The video is called "And so you code", a reference to all coding-based programming languages.

Here it is for your comfort:

Whoever is interested in passing it through to their fellow coders, can use this URL:

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