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Predictions for 2013 mobile technology world

 Well, in out last personal view we talked about the best smartphones of 2012, but then what is 2013 bringing to us?

Looking at what happened in 2012, we can get to some conclusions on how things might develop in the next year.

There is surely much to talk about. So let's try to make some predictions.


Smartphone prices

During the last half of 2012 I have seen many device manufacturers in different areas of the world abandon (either completely or partially) the manufacturing and commercialization of feature-phones and shifting to a total dedication to smartphones using Android.

The reason for that: the plunge in the price of smartphone manufacturing.

It's a smartphone world !!! Or isn't it ???

Since my first experience with a PocketPC Phone Edition in 2002 I've come to the conclusion that the world was going in the direction of Smartphones, that those might one day replace the computers that we have at home, and that this move was happening in fast speeds.

The world continued going round, technologies were in constant change, and the appearance of the iPhone and Android in the late 2000's made me feel my prognostic was completely right. Until something strange happened to my life: I began working in a company which has in Feature Phones (those simple phones that don't allow you to install software on them) its main market, and received a view of a completely different world.

I must say I was shocked. After so many years of belief, I was suddenly seing some data that showed me I was living a lie!

Well, no, not exactly a lie, but in best case a very partial truth. This discovery was the moment that made me begin looking back at the assertions I had within me and re-check their truthfulness, timing, localization, and all other kinds of details.

New job, new trips, new content

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 Well, this site has become, at best, a little boring in the last months.

To tell you the truth, all my efforts were heading somewhere else, getting a job. My own business wasn't growing the way I expected to, I was not sleeping quietly at night, and I had taken last March the decision to stop being a consultant and going back to a regular job, possibly in international sales. 

Well, it seems that those times are over. I have taken over a position in Latin American sales at EMOZE ( and I am soon beginning to be in the area. So there will probably be more stories to tell soon.

Stay tuned.

What motivates us?

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First of all, I would like to send a big thank you to my friend Andre Renato Ramos back there in Brazil who sent me this link through his facebook status. I really enjoyed seeing the 10 minutes movie that I am going to present here.

There are lots of changes in human behaviour during the latest years, specially in what regards money compensation and personal fulfillment. I believe this video piece gets to a quite good understanding of what is happening around, and everyone looking at it can understand a little much about himself and the processes he is going through while running his life.

My recommendation: see the video twice. In the first time, pay attention to the content, in the second pay special attention to the cartoons, which are by themselves a valuable work of art.

ELEVEN! .... or when technology doesn't work

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Today I received from my brother an hillarious video.

It reminded me of the old days with Microsoft Voice Command for WM, and all those old phones and handsfree devices with Voice Tags, when I would proudly shout "Father!" and the phone would then answer to me "Mother" and call my mom.

Well, this is an area of technology where we haven't seen a breakthrough yet, and things remain quite close to how they were in the past. So what happens when they put this technology on some appliance a little more important than a phone? Let's say..... an elevator?

We are lucky they are still not trying with cars......

Two months and a half with Android, some opinions

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I am completing these days 2.5 months with the HTC Desire, my first ever Android phone.

As a part of the festivities, I have prepared some opinions to publish regarding things I have felt and used in the device. This article summarizes it all and is an exclusive for this website, since I have not written an Hebrew version for MobilityFreak.

So, here we go.

Upgrading my HTC Desire to Froyo 2.2

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Well, two weeks ago I decided that I was going to upgrade my HTC Desire to FroYo 2.2. That was after I understood that Google and HTC had already released the version for many unlocked/unbranded devices, but understood as well that this upgrade wouldn't get so fast to me, since I did not even know from which country my device was in its origin. So I decided to do it myself.

As everything that you do it for the first time, you are bound to make a mess out of it, and it brought me memories of my first upgrade to my i-mate 2020 when I almost bricked the device and it took me a day or two to get it back to work. This time wasn't meant to be different.

One smart thing I did....

....was to find a good teacher and have him ready to help in every step that I needed. I would like to thank the user shlomov from for the help, since I would never be able to complete the task without him.


So, when will we see a good XMLRPC Client for Android?

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I have been looking all around for a good blogging solution for an Android phone, and couldn't find a real one.

I had one or two limited solutions in Windows Mobile, which did not support Hebrew but could do something.

Here at Android, I can only find Drupal Power, which I couldn't get to work with successfully in two days of trying to change its settings, which are not complicated at all. It just doesn't work.

Well, I guess I can do it from the browser, though I have never tried. But it would be a good idea to have an offline client.

Someone interested in taking it forward?

About all this fuss on the Turkish boat and the IDF attack

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I am currently in Mexico and seeing all the fuss in CNN about the happenings there at home.

Usually I don't involve politics in my website,and keep it only as a technology site, but once this did not stop TURKISH hackers from hacking it some months ago just because I am Israeli, I now feel free and comfortable to expose all the absurds in this story.

Unfortunately Israel has always been bad in propaganda. Propaganda is an Arab expertise. They know how to provoke others and then when responded to their provocation how cry as little sheep, blame the other side and ask  the worldfor their help. Everybody has already forgotten why Hammas is in Blockade; in simple English, it is called "more 3,000 rockets over Israel's civil population". Try to live like this, and let's see if there is one country in the world that wouldn't do much more than blockading Gaza.

During this blockade, Israel has kept two passages controlledly open, the Karny passage and the Erez passage, and through this passage they not only transfer food, medicine, humanitarian aid, and even fuel to the Palestinian, but they also bring to Israel sick people needing health care. I've heard something about Palestinian agricultural exports through those passages, but I am not sure. Additionally, Israel supply Gaza with all their needed electricity.

Now show me one other country which has been doing all this for more than 9 years while at the same time being shelled daily by the other side and I will give you a prize. Sure, there is no other country.

But since this doesn't sell newspapers, press keeps forgetting what is right and asking all the wrong questions, when they should be trying to reveal all that is behind.

So let's try to ask some right questions:

Apple has changed the market in 7 days

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I guess almost everybody that reads this site knows my condition as a Microsoft Mobile Devices MVP, and also know about the fact that even though I try hard to keep in pace and know all the other phone operating systems and support iPhone users for one of the Israeli cellular operators as a third-party integrator, I have never liked the iPhone much in the past.

This makes this article a very interesting article for me to write.

I have been accompanying all the news on this area during the last week, from the lauch of the iPad and its warm acceptance in the market, and up to the new announcement of the iPhone 4.0 version.

Let's begin with the iPad: first it was interesting to see many websites that bashed this device at the time of the announcement suddenly express themselves as fanboys less than a day after the launch. What has changed? I don't know.

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