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Notes from 2012 Italy-France tour

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Approaching D-Day

Well, here I am, sitting at São Paulo's International Airport, and rising my level of expectation on every minute that goes by. In some minutes I will enter the plane to Frankfurt, where I will meet my wife Lily to begin what I expect to be another magical journey. Many questions run through my mind: will it be as magical as I expect? Will my wife, who is doing it for the first time and isn't really crazy about motorcycle tours, be able to do it to its end? Will the rental motorcycle be in good shape? How will we make it through the first day, the longest of all in terms of Kilometers to do, after flying through the night? And most urgent of all, will I receive the upgrade to business which will let me sleep comfortably from São Paulo to Frankfurt and be in shape for the first day? I thought and thought and, with this, the moments passed quickly and soon Lufthansa was calling to enter the plane.

I leave the lounge and begin to proceed to the gate. There, I am notified that I have been upgraded. Well, that's a good beginning. Maybe it is a sign for perfect upcoming days. The flight takes off, I eat dinner, and lay down to sleep.

Burgman " 'Round Israel Tour" (Sovev Israel 2011)

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It is quite some time since I last posted on this blog, and this is mainly for two reasons: first I was very busy with some other projects, and second, there was nothing really special worth posting here.

Now, winter is gone, spring is almost gone, and at the end of May we have had a national event called Baja Israel, a cross-country race in which Jeeps, motocross bikes, and track cars and buggys crossed the whole country off-road in one day, from the Golan Heights to Eilat.

Since our Burgmans don't really fit the off-road definition, we created a parallel event: the 'Round Israel Tour. This was a three-day tour doing a circular path that went through: Tel Aviv, Rosh HaNikra, Northern Road, Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, Kibbutz Marom Golan, Tiberias, Jordan Valley Road, Dead Sea, Arava Road, Eilat, Mitzpe Ramon, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv.

Here is the path in the Map:

You can click the map to see it in full size. The green line is the path done by us in those 3 days, between 1,200 and 1,500 Km.

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