Creating a comfortable world around you with NFC

Today, our subject is NFC.


For those who don't know exactly what it is, NFC is the abbreviation of "Near Field Communication", a set of standards based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which base themselves on the communication between both sides when they come to a distance of 1-2 cm one from the other. This principle also sets the fact that there is no need for one of the sides to have its own energy source, since it can get the energy it needs for each transmission by induction from the other side. This last fact is allowing NFC to begin developing into a world of interesting applications.

When NFC was first launched, the main use advertised for it was on mobile payments. "This is the technology that will replace our plastic credit cards", he heard. That's due to the fact that our phone is always with us and it is an unique accessory which can identify each one of us. 

In fact, what we see two years later, is that the technology is having some trouble in its mass adoption for this purpose. We still lack a critical mass of businesses which already support NFC payments on their shops, and only now we are beginning to see a real growth in the number of different phone models which include the NFC technology.

Meanwhile, the human mind got in action, and if we already have an interesting functionality in our phone which is not being of such as much use as we expected, why not invent some other uses for it?

This is what this article is about. We will review the different kinds of uses we can make of NFC, how to use the technology, what are NFC tags, how we read them and how we prepare them to use. Be ready also for a demonstration video.

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