Volkswagen's Car of the Future

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Volkswagen China created some time ago a website for users and customers to propose ideas for their "car of the future". From all the crazy ideas that appeared there, they chose two for building concept cars. This is one of them:

This Hover car floats over a magnetic field... Nice, isn't it? We are getting closer to the age of the Jetsons....

Well unfortunately it seems it'll still take a long time until we see those on our roads... but at least there is what to wait for...

Segway's and GM's P.U.M.A. project

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I have just seen some interesting videos regarding GM's and Segway's P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) project, and I must say that I see a lot of potential in that.

So I have decided to bring two videos of it here.

In general, what they have done was to take a Segway and add a body and a control wheel to it. But the result is definitely impressing. See the first video below:

The video above is from the 2009 International Auto Show in NYC. It is really nice to see what the demonstrating guy can do inside the area of the demonstration. However, it leaves us to think what such a thing could do in real traffic conditions. So here is another video that I have found that can demonstrate that:

Well, this is really impressing. Now the only thing to wish for is that this vehicle begins being sold for less than USD 10,000, and it could be a real solution for everyone seeking a cheap, fast and effective way to go around cities.....

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